Galina – Nixie 01/100




She is Nixie #01/100.

Created on a 6×6″ birch wood panel (approx. 15x15cm).

Her backstory

Galina is used to people telling her constantly that she is talking too much, talking too fast, talking too loudly. As a coping mechanism, she went to the other extreme: talking as less as possible. This forced her, with time, to really think of what to say before she actually says it aloud. Is this useful? Is it kind? How will it make the person feel? How will it make me feel?

A lot goes into the words we choose to express our opinions, our feelings. Galina is here to remind us how important it is to use our voice in a meaningful way.

About my 100 Nixies project

2018 was a rough year for my creativity. I pondered way too often if I should just sell everything and move on to something else. I guess I put too much pressure on my shoulders.

However, I have learned to listen to the various creative nudges when they appear. This is how this project of creating 100 Nixies on small wood panels was born. No deadline, no constraint other than express whatever wants to be expressed and to do it surrounded by joy.

I am bored easily and get frustrated with my artwork on a weekly basis. This is why I decided to take some pressure off my shoulders and to do something fun instead: create a series of 100 Nixies. They have a few things in common: they are all Kings (see their crowns), they are born out of explorations.


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