Benji – 16×20″ on stretched canvas




This painting was created on a 16″x20″ stretched canvas.

Her backstory

Benji struggled with her identity for as long as she noticed she does not look like anybody else.

This Nixie is born in a bi-racial family. It was hard for her as people always expected her to identify more like one or the other culture. She never wanted to choose, and will not. Both are part of her. “Oreo” “Panda” “Mulatto” are terms she is called; she never knows how to answer these insults and tends to retreat within herself.

What does not help is that we can see her racial heritage from the inside, not clearly.

It took Benji decades to accept who she was, but she reached that point of just knowing that whoever others wanted her to be, she does not have to. She’s made of millions of molecules, unique to her. And in the end, it’s all that matters.

Before it arrived in your hands

Once you purchase a painting from me, I will charge it with Reiki. I also will smudge it so it’s ready for you and your home. Sometimes, crystals want to come out and play as well.

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